Kono about the rescue meeting

Comments from the Society to Save Kono

In February this year, I heard from Kono-chan’s mom that she needed a heart transplant, saying, “Actually, this is an extended cardiomyopathy.”
It’s been two years since I couldn’t see you in the dance… I never imagined it would have been like that.
She’s always bright and has a nice smile, and she’s like the sun who can talk to everyone kindly.
She can’t go home all the time, and She’s fighting illness every day.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be able to live like this.” “If there’s even a little hope for a travel transplant” – I was heartbroken as a parent with the same child. An 11-year-old girl faces her life and says, “Please help me.” Please,” the figure that complained to us is still burning in my eyes.

This girl is already on the domestic transplant waiting list, but there are very few donors for children’s heart transplants compared to the waiter. Transplantation in the United States requires high medical and travel expenses. That’s not the amount that ordinary households can pay at all.

In order to fulfill this girl’s wish, we set up a meeting to save this girl.
Kono’s future can be expanded together by everyone’s power.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Terms and Conditions

Article1 Names
The Society is called “Association for Saving Kono-chan.”

Article2 Location
The office of the association is located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The Office will be abolished after the end of the fundraising activities, but this does not apply if there is a reason to have to survive the Office.

Article 3 Purpose
The purpose of this society is to realize a heart transplant for Kono Igarashi (hereinafter referred to as “Kono-chan”) in the United States, and to support the lives of the person and his family until he and returns home safely, and will raise funds for the necessary expenses.

Article 4 Activities
The Society will carry out the following activities.
1、We raise funds by soliciting volunteers from widely cooperating with organizations and organizations.
2、Open an account of the association at a financial institution and manage fundraising.
3、We will keep in touch with Kono-chan’s family and send the funds necessary to achieve the purpose of this association and complete various procedures. 4、I will mainly report on Kono-chan’s situation and the activities of the Society on the website.
5、We will cooperate and cooperate with support organizations related to organ transplantation.
6、In addition, we will carry out necessary activities to achieve the objectives set out in Article 3.

Article 5 Members
Members of the Society agree with the purpose and purpose of this association, and in principle, they are individuals, corporations and organizations who cooperate with the Association’s activities as volunteers.
In addition, Kono’s family and relatives are allowed to participate as observers.

Article 6 Officers
The Society will send the following officers.
(1) Representative General Manager of the Society and Media Support
(2) Deputy Representative Assistant Representative
(3) Accounting This association’s activity expense management and fundraising management
(4) Public relations Records of the situation of Kono-chan and the activities of this society, and reports on the web. Media support
(5) Audit Conduct an accounting audit of the Society

Article 7 General Assembly
1、The general meeting will be held in response to the convocation of the representative and will be established with the attendance of more than two-thirds of all members.
2、The resolution of the general meeting shall be concluded with a majority of the attendees.

Article 8 Joining
Applicants who wish to join shall, after understanding and agreeing to the purpose of the Society, the purpose of activities, and the contents of the activities, fill in the prescribed form and submit them to the representative.
The personal information submitted will only be used to contact the member himself/herself, and the officers will destroy it responsibly at the time of withdrawal or dissolution of the association.

Article 9 Withdrawal
Withdrawal may be arbitrarily withdrawn by submitting an oral or notice of withdrawal. Re-entry does not interfere with this.

Article 10 Expulsion
Members who have committed acts that harmed the honor of the Society or violated the purpose may be expelled by a resolution of the Board of Directors. In this case, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

Article 11 Remuneration
We will not pay compensation for all officers and members.

Article 12 Street fund-raising
When the Society raises money on the street, it will work with the permission of the relevant parties in advance. In that case, it will be managed by one or more members appointed by an officer or officer.

Article 13 Use of the donation
The donation will be used for medical expenses, medical reserves, travel expenses, local stay expenses, and the expenses of the Society’s secretariat in the United States for this Kono-chan’s heart transplant.

Article 14 Accounting process
Various payments shall be made by the accountant after receiving the approval of one of the officers.
1、Medical expenses, travel expenses, etc. shall be paid directly by the Association to each institution, and will not be passed through the person or the family.
2、The payment of the secretariat expenses is applied with a receipt attached, and the accounting will pay after receiving approval from the representative.
3、I won’t pay for things that don’t have a receipt. However, excluding small transportation expenses.
4、Accounting reports are made regularly on the website.

Article 15 Use of surplus money
As a general rule, the surplus money due to the achievement of the purpose of this association shall be managed and stored by the association for three years until the postoperative condition stabilizes, and if necessary, it can be spent as postoperative medical expenses. The period of management and storage will be decided by the resolution of the board of directors, taking into account the diagnosis of the doctor in charge.
The balance of surplus at that time will be used to support patients and families who need other transplants and to promote transplant medical care based on the resolution of the board of directors.

Article 16 The duty of confidentiality
Officers and members shall not disclose to the outside of the information they have learned through the activities of the Society that have not been published or matters related to personal privacy. In addition, even if you withdraw or be expelled, information on individuals, corporations, organizations, etc. that you have learned during the activities of the Society must not be personally diverted or leaked.

Article 17 Termination of activity
After the purpose of Article 3 has been achieved, the Society will end its activities with the final financial report.

Article 18 Revision of the Terms
These Terms may be revised by unanimous agreement of the Board of Directors.

Article 19 Date of establishment
The Society will be established on February 27, 2022.
These Terms shall come into effect from the date of establishment.

Location, etc.

Room 8, Yoshimuso, 1-14 Shinmei-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
TEL/FAX 044-223-6412
TEL/FAX 044-223-6417
e-mail: hope.in.konos.hand10@gmail.com

RepresentativeYuki Tachi, Takashi Iyobe
AccountingJunko Kishino
Public relationsTomomi Takahashi
AuditingJyunya Tanaka