A message from my parents

Our only daughter, Kono, was born on December 8, 2011.
She has been a very healthy child since he was a child.
She was enthusiastic about the dance She started at the same time as She entered elementary school.
She loves calligraphy and dance, she is an 11-year-old daughter who is cheerful, gentle, and most of all charming.

In June 2020, She have spent most of it in the hospital since I had symptoms like a cold until now.
She repeatedly entered and discharged from the hospital many times, and in January 2020, Soboben formation jutsu. In May of the same year, I was diagnosed with dilated myopathy.
She reached the limit of medical treatment and transferred to the National Center for Child Health and Development in June of the same year.
In September of the same year, I had an auxiliary artificial heart surgery, and I was able to connect my life.

I was hoping to get a transplant in Japan as it is, but there is a possibility that the day will be necessary to wear an auxiliary artificial heart attack in the right atrium in the near future.
Can’t you wait any longer? I felt that the feeling was getting stronger day by day.
Extended cardiomyopathy is a progressive disease, that an auxiliary artificial heart is a bridge to transplantation,Isn’t the deadline for Kono’s life approaching day by day? And I can’t get out of my mind.

If we have hope that Kono can live. And I decided to transplant overseas.

There were times when I transferred to the hospital twice, I had two chest opening surgeries, and the balance of my mind was about to collapse.
In order to fulfill the wish of “I want to go home” by intravenous drips, several tests every week, and many kinds of medications after each meal.

My daughter lives hard every day.
I want to make that wish come true as soon as possible.
Go to school and learn.
Laugh and play with friends.
Sometimes they will fight.
I want to return to such a careless daily life.

It may be our selfishness.
However, no matter how many times I worried and thought about it, the answer to the end did not change.
I don’t want to give up Kono’s life.
This disease gave Kono a big dream.
“I want to be a nurse.” “I can understand the feelings of a small child more than anyone else.”
We are proud of my daughter who thought so.

I am very aware that it is a very selfish request.
Ladies and gentlemen. Please, thank you.
Give Kono a chance to live.
A chance to challenge your dream.
Can you give us a chance to see your daughter grow up?
Thank you for your warm support and cooperation.
Yoshihide Igarashi and Mizumi